DIscord rules

➛ Advertising is prohibited

➛ DDoSing, Doxing, Hacking other users &/or threatening these things

➛ Posting inappropriate links

➛ Abuse of Bots or Channels

➛ Racial Slurs and or Major Disrespect

➛ Intentionally creating loud noises in a voice channel

Server rules

(Please notice these rules are subject to change at any moment in time)

➛Advertising other Minecraft server's via in-game chat (IP's, etc.)

➛Use of any external modifications giving you benefits as a player opposed to another player not using these modifications (This does include auto-clicking, macroing, using hacked clients, etc.)

➛Logging off the server while in a PVP fight is punishable and strongly discouraged

➛Posting 2 or more adverts over the period of a minute in game chat for the sale or purchase of any item or good (In-game items &/or goods)

➛Using alts to benefit you opposed to another player without alts, this includes voting on alts, abusing alts to have higher chances of winning giveaways, getting alts on before a keyall, etc.

➛AFK mining in any context. If you are messaged by any staff member while doing an in game activity and you do not respond within 3 minutes you are subject to punishment.

➛Evading a mute &/or ban. This includes logging on alt accounts when muted or banned on your main account and you 100% certainly will be banned if caught breaking this rule.

➛Creating lag machines or purposely attempting to cause the server to lag and or crash.

➛Building inappropriate things. This includes building words that state racial slurs, homophobia, sexual references, etc.

➛IRL trading. This is when you exchange real life currency or for example trade money on RunWayMine for coins on Hypixel skyblock.

➛Exploiting &/or cheating. This is includes the use of any hacked clients, any resource packs that may benefit you, any intentional abuse of glitches, etc.

➛Character spam. This is when you use a sequence of unnecessary characters. (Ex. "Hiiiiiiiii" or "I'll pay 9000000000" instead say "I'll pay 9B")

➛Promoting spam of any player. (Ex. "Hey everyone IEATNACHOS2 just scammed me everyone message him and tell him he sucks")

➛Spamming chat. (Ex. "Hey everyone sell me your pickaxes" then a few seconds later "Hey everyone sell me your pickaxes", etc.)

➛Purposeful block glitching to get to unfinished areas, etc.

➛Excessive use of caps in a statement. (Ex. "HI GUYS CAN YOU SELL ME YOUR PICKAXES")

➛Extreme toxicity and or disrespect to any player. This can include racial slurs, homophobia, sexual comments, etc.

➛Inappropriate usernames. If your username contains any extreme language, homophobia, racial slurs, etc you are not permitted to play here on RunWayMine. We suggest you change you username if you'd like to play.

➛Excessive disrespect of any staff member. This can include harassing staff members saying things like "Spawn me in money" or "Give me keys" repeatedly.

➛Encouraging suicide and or wishing death upon anyone.

➛Racism/homophobia toward any player.

➛Posting links in chat.

➛Please do not discuss politics in the game &/or in the discord.

(If you have any further questions about any of these rules feel free to create a ticket in our discord and ask.)