RunWayMine is a car themed 1.8.8+ Minecraft prison server! This server is in beta mode and has plenty of custom features opposed to a traditional Minecraft prison server!

Some of it's features include:

  • A prison ranking system! The more money you get the higher you progress in the prison ranks; the higher your prison rank is the more the blocks sell for in that corresponding mine!

  • Custom ranks! There are two custom ranks you can be; first being MVP and second being VIP. These ranks are obtained by winning giveaways, inviting people to our discord server, and from in-game crates! These ranks give several different benefits such as permanent money multipliers, in-game kits, in-game pickaxes, in-game prefixes, discord roles, and much more!

  • Custom in game crates with rewards! You can obtain crates keys from winning giveaways, inviting people to our discord server, being #1 #2 or #3 on bal top for 2 consecutive days, and many other ways! These crates give you a variety of rewards!

Features coming to RunWayMine in the near future:

  • Auto Mining robots! These robots can be placed at your plot and based on the rarity of the robot they will mine at certain speeds and each block mined will give you a certain amount of money also based on the robot's rarity.

  • Custom enchants! There are 3 different custom enchants. The first enchant is Jackhammer; Jackhammer mines an entire layer of the mine you are mining in, then there is Tsunami, Tsunami mines the entire mine! Finally there is Explosion, Explosion mines a 7x7 square all the way to the bottom of the mine.

  • And may more to come!